Trading guild & new crafting guild are now OPEN FOR BUSI


The Fool's Trading Guild is now official. Weekly membership fees for this guild will be 3,000 GP per week. Please contact Astrozz or Symmetric for details.

The new and improved crafting guild is open!

If you would like to get an invitation into this guild the qualifications are:

1) You have at least 3 crafting skills leveled to 50 with full skill point allotments;

2) You regularly participate in guild activities; and

3) You regularly craft items for fellow guild members.

The Fool's Errand Crafting Guild represents extra storage space for crafting materials and motifs.

If you qualify and are interested please contact Doomlord22


I'm new to guilds and green on how they work. How does the trade guild work?


A trading guild hires a public trader every week, this trader allows items in the guild store to be sold to members of the public.  

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