Fools Errand Raffle

Welcome to the very first Fools Errand ESO Raffle.

Prices for tickets is 5,000 gold
There will be 3 prizes up for grabs, the system will work on numbers, so as soon as we update the spreadsheet it will be assign the next available number starting from 1 till how many we get at the end of the raffle.
Raffle is open now and will run till the16th august.

Your not limited to 1 ticket so you could send 5000 today to get number (1) to you and then send next week and the next available number in the list (98) will be assigned to you

If you would like to be entered then Please see either spikeyx11 Danny or sketchapotumus Matthew To send money we can then add your name to the list with the next available number so we can update spreadsheet with your name to confirm payment

On Sunday the 16th of August we will use a random number generator to how many entires we have to pull out 3 winners.


Prizes are as followed
1st prize: 1500 crown points card
2nd prize: Full set of V13 Martial Knowledge
3rd prize: Stack of 20 Purple food/drink at level of players choice

Also just to make it fair all those that donated in past 2 days will automatically be added and those that donated less then 5000 if they can make it up to 5000 they will be added as well we will go back on the guild records to make sure that it's all fair.

Good luck to you all that enter !

1, grimmyprez
2, kingdug
3, landingsupport
4, sketchapotumus 
5, agent nxs
6, II ducimus II
7, reiign15
8, jediprime74
9, doomlord22
10, doomlord22
11, deathice666
12, deathice666
13, reiign15
14, reiign15
15, b niblett 21
16, emjayblaze
17, benjaminz bible
18, benjaminz bible
19, ciaccman
20, mark755
21, the fancy bro
22, jediprime74
23, jediprime74
24, emjayblaze 
25, zombieanarchist
26, the fancy bro
27, fstc
28, roborich
29, spaceman23
30, brucecwa
31, brucecwa
32, emjayblaze 
33, Killy von kills
34, rages on reach
35, jeramiahpantera
36, ninjagoat v2
37, ninjagoat v2
38, the fancy bro
39, jediprime74
40, boyderic
41, boyderid
42, kingdug
43, benjaminz bible 
44, benjaminz bible 

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I'm pretty sure I donated last week.


Just to let you all know the list will be updated tonight :-) it's been updated in fb page and it'll get transferred here 

may the moment roborich your number 28

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